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About Us


We’re a couple who loves food. Quite often, we get asked to suggest or recommend places to eat since most of our friends know we eat out a lot. The photos you see here are as is, no food stylist, directly from the kitchen.

Do’s and Don’ts
We won’t be rating any restaurant and give it stars since we aren’t food critics. Food critics tends to talk about the good and the bad. Here, we only mention the good, if it’s bad, why mention it.  This means we won’t include every restaurant we’ve eaten in, only the ones that we would recommend to our friends. This may mean an unique dish that is different, interest interior, amazing service, cheap eat, good value etc…

If you have any restaurants you would like to recommend to us, feel free to let us know.


Joe & Ivy


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  1. 1
    Christina Biluk

    What a great idea. I love that I just have to go to the site and any of the restaurants featured are recommends. Wonderful idea!

  2. 3
    Chris L

    Love it so thanks to both of you for having so much fun putting it together. Now all I need is for you to get all these restaurant to offer me free meals so I can get to taste everything. LOL

    Great Job

  3. 6
    Catherine von Ruhland

    Hi Joe and Ivy,
    What a great idea! The layout is clear, and the photos look like they’ve come from some foodie magazine.
    I bet your website is going to be recommended by others as well as the places you’ve featured.
    All the best to you both,
    Catherinexx (in England)

  4. 7

    Next time you are in Niagara on the Lake you should, if you haven’t already, try The Stone Road Grille, even their sandwich shop makes a killer meatloaf sandwich.

  5. 8

    We actually stopped by to see if they were open for lunch but unfortunately they’re only open from 11am to 2pm on Sunday, so we missed it.

  6. 11
    Anthony Chan

    It’s nice to know that you guys have such a blog on this topic. Definitely help us in searching a good place to fill in stomach. BTW, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you both.

  7. 12

    Hello Joseph and Ivy,
    I found your wonderful blog via following crumbs on Flickr. Had to pipe in and say: love the photos,concept, idea, all of it! Stellar work.

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