Recognized as one of the best restaurant in Toronto – it’s a must try if you like tasting menu.  Alo is probably one of the most busiest restaurant in the city, so do make reservation way in advance. Each dish is like a work of art. When the dish arrive, the server explains to you in great details on what’s on the plate. When the server leaves, you would stare at your dish, admire it, then slowly dive your fork into the dish.  Service is by far the most attentive and exceeds in any of the restaurants we’ve been to in Toronto. Even the tables are cleaned in between course which many restaurants don’t bother. Price is reasonable, $89 per person. It’s no wonder that Alo gets top scores on all account – excellent food, service and well priced.  » View Tasting Menu

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Spadina Ave. 3rd Floor, Toronto ON  » View Map
t. 416.260.2222

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