Yasu – Toronto

Yasu is definitely the first of its’ kind in downtown Toronto.  A Japanese restaurant dedicated to serve only Omakase that seats just ten people in the sushi bar.

This is the place for sushi die-hard fans. We sat with others who also watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi.  Ironically chef and owner Yasu Ouchi was the only one who hasn’t seen the film.

Yasu started his career at age 16 and he was fortunate that he worked under many great sushi masters. Before coming to Toronto, he was the Chef at Nobu in Melbourne. Prior to opening Yasu, he used to own Nigiriya at Leaside. It took him 3 years to find the perfect location for Yasu.

For $80 per person, you get a tasting menu of 20 courses.  I was literally taking notes on what we were eating while Joe was taking the photos. Here’s the list of what we ate:

  1. Fresh Scallop, served 2 ways – sashimi and sushi
  2. Fukko (2-3 years old Seabass) – Japan
  3. Red snapper marinated in sea kelp
  4. Bonito (Tuna family) seared
  5. Ocean Trout
  6. Hotaru Ika from Toyama Bay (Firefly squid)
  7. Vancouver Uni and Boston Uni
  8. Saba (Mackeral)
  9. Salmon Egg Roe wrapped in rice and seaweed
  10. Hamachi (Yellowtail)
  11. Giant Clam
  12. Toro (Fatty Tuna)
  13. Veggi
  14. Monk Fish
  15. Snow Crab
  16. Anago (Ocean Eel)
  17. Snapper
  18. Unagi (Lake Eel)
  19. Tamago (Japanese style egg quiche)
  20. Dessert (Green Tea Panna Cotta with red bean)

We were all really impressed with the quality and the freshness of the fish.  The hero in every piece of the sushi is always the fish. Not overdone with sauces and condiments. Once you ate here, it’s hard to compare to any other sushi places in Toronto. Just try not to be a sushi snob.

81 Harbord St. Toronto, ON M5S 1G4 » View Map
t. 416.477.2361

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