Light Café

This little Taiwanese café is a gem near Chinatown, sits 40-50ish, they open at 12pm. On the day of our visit, within 20 minutes of opening, the place was packed. We sat right next to the entrance against a wall of forest green, perfect way to start a weekend without a need to drive to a forest. All the coffee / food / dessert are presented like visual poem – light, fresh and whimsical, specially the cotton candy coffee, oh boy, there is a process to prep this delish drink, our host Ya Ya was super nice to show us the newbie how to.

Then we were overwhem with all the other dishes coming, The tiramisu latte is like having dessert and morning coffee at the same time, how strange and fab. The lobster roll served with salad with the awesome sesame dressing and a little bowl of fruit. The wasabi “dark meat” chicken sandwich have a light punchy favour, lovely if u like wasabi that is. The bacon & oesen egg baked potato is a balance to add a little starch, great as a share plate, overall a great experience.

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Light Café
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