Bouillon Bilk – Montréal

Don’t let the building exterior signage deter you from entering this minimalist modern restaurant. When seated we were told by the server that the restaurant expanded and was recently renovated – hence the exterior signage.

The menu was simple, 6 starter, 5 main and 4 desserts with 1 cheese plate. The description for each of the starter and mains were all very interesting, I would of love to try them all. Unfortunately, it was just the 2 of us.

We started with their amuse bouche, sashimi marinated in sake combined with seaweed salad in miso based served with Arctic char caviar with mango ($5) – very interesting combination with the mango bits. For appetizers, I really wanted to try the duck-tartare ($15) and the bone marrow ($21).

The duck-tartare was mixed with coffee and capers, served with beets, millet, hazelnut and apple. The crunch of the millets adds a really nice texture to the dish – the combine flavour was delicious. The bone marrow was equally impressive, served with mash potatoes, white truffles with fresh apple and Brussels sprout. It was not greasy but light and refreshing unlike grilled bone marrow.

Their main dish was just as equally impressive. The cod was from Iceland served with creamy blood pudding, articokes, pepper, mushroom served with cara cara orange ($28). The cod was perfectly cooked with a nice crispy top and juice still running on the inside. The scallops dish ($29) was presented like a work of art, you just want to admire the presentation before you dive in. Served with cauliflower puree, shiitake mushroom, pear, watercress and beurre noisette – a fabulous dish.

To finish off the evening, we shared their Brioche, served with grapes, chocolate, topped with shaved frozen foie gras and peanuts. This was definitely a night to remember.

Bouillon Bilk
1595 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montréal » View Map
t. 514.845.1595

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