Lawrence – Montréal

Recommended by a local Montreal server, we venture to Lawrence, located on the strip of St. Laurent along with other great eateries.

The chef is formally from The Sparrow, a British pub – hence the ox heart and the pig’s offal in the menu. We decided to be adventurous and tried the grilled ox heart ($27), served with fried potatoes and béarnaise. The texture is like eating a filet mignon except the heart has a stronger flavor – it was delicious.

We also really enjoyed the roast cod ($28), smoked sausage and sauerkraut. The cod has a lovely crisp on the exterior with a tender interior. Let’s not forget our starter, the bay scallops and potato pancake ($15), the scallop ceviche contrast nicely with the warm pancake.

The ox heart was definitely a conversation started, we met a nice couple from the states along with two ladies from a distant table. It was a great evening.

5201 Blvd. St. Laurent, Montréal » View Map
t. 514.503.1070

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