L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant L'Unità Restaurant

Both our friend and I realized when we arrived at L’unità, it’s where Arlequin used to be. Same structure – long and narrow. Where it used to be take away is now a bar.

Since we all wanted to try a little bit of everything, I ordered a bit of everything for all of us to share. With some recommendations from our server; we started with 2 antipasti, the northern woods mushrooms and the artisanal salumi board.  The charcuterie board included Berkshire prosciutto, house-made pancetta, Genoa salami from Quebec and pork liver sausage. We all thought the pork liver sausage texture have a close resemblance to Ren Chang (膶腸) Chinese sausage. Though, Chinese sausage is never eaten as is – always further cooked.

Then came the sardine crostini and caesar salad. The sardine was very flavourful and the crostini was thin and crispy –  almost wafer like.

For the entreé, we had the margherita pizza, lobster risotto, braised beef short ribs and a side of greens. The tomotoes served on the pizza was still plum and juicy.  The risotto was creamy with a nice bisque flavour.  The short ribs were delicious. It was juicy and tender where the meat comes off cleanly from bone with a gentle pull from the fork.

We were all quite full at the end and weren’t thinking of ordering dessert, but our server highly recommended the mascarpone cannoli – evidently an all time favorite. So, the five of use shared the cannoli and the fig & date crumble – perfect with cappuccino.

Dinner for 5 with 2 bottles of wine was around $390

134 Avenue Road, Toronto ON M5R 2H6

134 Avenue Road, Toronto  ON  M5R 2H6  » view map
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